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What is the world is a Twitter timeline?

Posted June 24, 2010
A timeline is a Twitter term used to describe a collected stream of Tweets listed in real-time order. This brief article explains a little more about where you see timelines on your Twitter account.

When you log in to Twitter, you see a timeline right there on your homepage. We often call this your "Home Timeline", as it appears on your homepage. This timeline is a long stream of all Tweets from those you have chosen to follow on Twitter. Newest messages are at the top; scroll down to view older Tweets. You can interact with messages from within the timeline by replying or retweeting, or by hovering over or clicking a username to view more information about that user.

Note: If you see Tweets in your timeline from users you don't follow, check to see if they are retweets. It's likely someone you do follow chose to re-broadcast that message to you because they found it interesting. Retweets do show up in your home timeline.

Be sure to check out the Twitter Help Center for more tips...