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7 Tips For Making The Most Of Your Social Media Graphics

Posted July 23, 2013
Category Infographics
One of the challenges that many brands still face is a way to make their brand visually engaging on social media channels. Even if you are posting pictures like the experts suggest, they may not be giving you the results that you could be seeing.  We want to help you out with a few tips to make your social channels not only visual, but engaging as well. Here are some tips to get you started.

1: Include Text On Your Images Sometimes the thousand words a picture can say isn’t enough, so you have to add a little extra for good measure. You can get more engagement out of photos you share on your social sites when you add text to them. By adding text to a photo, your message can get across faster, plus these messages are more likely to be shared by others on social media.

2: Put Together A Collage Collages are cool, especially when you have several great images to choose from and can’t decide which one to use.  Collages communicate a number of brand messages and offer a simple yet effective way to engage users. Think about your different social media outlets and see if there are places where a collage would work well for you.

3: Social Channel Covers The cover photos for social channels give you a lot of real estate to show, visually, what your business is all about. It is definitely worth it to invest some time (and even money) into creating a fantastic cover image, and it’s something simple that can add a lot of power to your visual brand.

4: Make Certain Every Blog Post Has at Least One Pinnable ImageYou want to make sure that your cover photo is inviting, and don’t be afraid to switch it up every once and a while to keep it fresh. You can create a whole photo album on Facebook JUST with cover images.

Pinterest is a great way to have your image posts shared with an even wider audience. When someone selects Pin It, they will see the image choices for your article. It’s a good idea to make sure every post has at least one pinnable image. This can also help tap into users who may not have come across your blog post through other channels.

5: Infographics Infographics are visual representations of information, data or knowledge intended to present complex information quickly and clearly [from Wikipedia]. Users love them and they’re shared often on social sites. Of course, yours don’t have to be super intricate, but taking a number of facts from a few studies and showing them visually may help to effectively communicate information and capture the attention of a user who may otherwise not have the time to read long reports.

6: Encourage Fans To Share Photos There are so many photo-sharing opportunities available for you to engage with your audience. One fun way to get fans to submit photos is to make it part of a contest with a product, service or coupon as a reward. Fans enjoy sharing photos because it makes them feel like a part of your organization, plus contests give businesses a creative way to reach out to their users while at the same time making it possible to get a crowd-sourced photo library of images related to your products.

7: Share The Big Moments You’re proud of your accomplishments and you should be, so why not show your big moments online? The award, the handshake, it’s very compelling. It doesn’t even need to be about you, sharing images of fans who have won contests you sponsor or participated in events you hold are a great way to share the big moments of others while pulling in the benefits for yourself.

There are many ways to make images work for you online to build your brand, strengthen your relationships & generate profits. These tips are a great starting point for turning your daily picture posts into serious engagement boosters for your social channels.

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