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​6 Tips to Increase Your Facebook Fanbase

Posted April 2, 2014
​We all know that social media marketing should be a part of our overall marketing strategy, but measuring our online success can be difficult.  When statistics show that 84% of Facebook fans are current customers, we’re left to wonder how that fits into our strategy for increasing business opportunities.  Well, remember that current customers are your main source of referrals!  Staying top of mind with your most valued clients, friends, and family is a great way to drive recurring referrals and brand awareness.
Below are six easy tips for staying top of mind on Facebook and increasing your fanbase.

1. Build value.
There must be some kind of exchange when asking for someone to visit or ‘like’ your Facebook page. An exchange is the act of giving one thing to receive another, so what is it that you’re giving the audience? Are you just feeding them one sided marketing messages or are you using your page to truly engage the audience?
Your Facebook page should be a source of relevant and valuable information. Populate your Facebook with a variety of content that aligns with your brand (check out the eMerge Content Library for great ideas to share) so that when someone checks out your page, they’re tempted to ‘like’ and engage. The plus side to this is that when people engage with and share your posts, your social exposure increases.
2. Encourage interaction.
Interaction on Facebook comes in the form of liking, commenting and sharing your posts. The more interaction, the more likely your post will show up in your fans’ newsfeeds, and the more visibility your brand will have.
New homebuyers are usually excited about their newest and biggest purchase, right? Start asking your new buyers if it is okay to take a picture or quick video of them in front of their new house, with a sold sign in hand. Post it to your Facebook page and encourage them to tag themselves. The picture is not only pushed to their Facebook wall, but also to their friends' newsfeeds, creating valuable exposure for you.
3. Engage with your current clients.
Because of the competitive nature of Facebook, you must engage to be seen. If someone posts on your wall or comments on one of your posts, respond. Not only is this a good practice for relationship marketing, but it’s an even better practice for social media marketing. Theoretically, the more engagement there is on a particular post, the more likely it is to show up in your friends' newsfeed and extent from there.  
4. Connect with prospects and leads.
As leads and relationships present themselves, search out these people on Facebook. Connect with them and send a personal message letting them know that you are available to address any questions or needs that they may have.   Don’t be afraid to ask for referrals from happy customers.  People like to spread the word when they are confident that you’ll be a good resource for their family and friends.
5. Invite your contacts to ‘like’ your page.
Email your contact database (using eMerge) with an invitation to ‘like’ your Facebook page by reiterating why you’re even there to begin with— to be a resource of real estate news and to help them with any real estate questions they may have.  Invite your followers on other channels (ie.  Twitter, Google+, YouTube) to follow your Facebook page as well.

6. Incorporate Facebook into your other online marketing channels
At the very least, incorporate a link to your Facebook page in your blog, email signature, and email newsletter. When someone signs up for your newsletter, set up an auto responder in eMerge to thank them and include an invitation to ‘like’ your Facebook page.
When Facebook is used as a tool to share relevant and useful content for your audience and encourage conversations, it can be a great part of your ongoing lead and referral business. And remember, all of these tips can be executed using the eMerge platform. 

POSTED ON 04-02-2014