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It’s the little things… How to show your customers you care.

Posted February 4, 2014
Good customer service seems to be going by the wayside, with a lot of businesses offering nothing but a faceless email address for “valued” clients to submit requests or complaints. This is unacceptable as social media and technology have provided fantastic tools for you as a business professional to provide a positive customer experience, and really show your clients that you care. Today we have some tips for you to follow, little things that will go a long way in providing that top notch customer experience.
Provide A Premium Service 
A great way to let your clients know you care is to treat their time as your main priority, and complete their work quickly and efficiently. Going that extra mile to ensure your customers get the best product or service for their money will make a big impression on them. The customer will notice that you are putting in the effort, which will impress them and build brand loyalty.
Be Personal
Treating your clients like just another account number or signature is completely taking out the personal feel of the customer experience. Using their names when you communicate with them, making your service feel special, and paying attention to details (even the smallest ones) will go a long way in showing your customers that you care for them and their needs.
Offer Yourself As A Resource
You can never be all things to all clients all the time, but you can provide recommendations, tips, guides and more information that can  make their overall experience easier, especially for clients who are brand new to your services or products you provide. Going above and beyond with your time & expertise will tell your clients that you care more about them than their money.
Reward Loyalty
Providing rewards to clients for their loyalty is huge, and doesn’t need to be as costly as the first images that just popped into your head may lead you to believe. Rewarding things like longevity, loyalty, and providing you with referrals will encourage them to continue bringing your more business. Provide something of worth in return like discounts, gift cards, or even free services and you can bet it will be greatly appreciated.
Make Them Feel Special
Do you send Thank You notes? If not it’s a great time to start. It would amaze you how much a personal card or email can mean to someone. What about remembering special days like birthdays, move-in dates or anniversaries? Tracking these can be simple with programs like eMerge, and a quick card or email from you will help bring your customer’s experience to that next level. 
Ask for Feedback
People love giving their opinions about pretty much anything, but most of the time they won’t do it without being asked. Every once in a while you should send your customers a short email or questionnaire to see how you are performing and how you can do better. Then, if able, implement some suggestions and thank those individuals for their input.
Your customer base has so many options available to them today that unless your service is highly specialized, they don’t really need your business specifically. They can, and will, find somewhere else to go if they are unhappy, and it costs more money for you to find new clients than to keep old ones. So keep your customers happy and loyal by showing them that you care.