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Make your newsletter awesome: 5 things you can implement right now

Posted June 10, 2014
It's a nice, sunny Monday. You just got to the office and checked your email and you see your eMerge reminder. The subject line reads "Your Weekly Recommended eMerge Marketing Schedule." You log in to your eMerge account to give your email newsletter a quick glance. The two articles look great; "How to make your home stand out in a hot real estate market," looks good, "Big design ideas for small kitchen spaces," great! Your newsletter goes out; your open rate is around the industry average (14-16%). You wait to login again until next week when you check on the social posts that are going out.
If you settle for an industry average open rate, you're missing out on many opportunities for your business to grow. eMerge is for lead nurturing and relationship building, you didn't sign up with us just so you could have an email newsletter with your name on it. Your newsletter isn’t a lead generating machine, it’s for keeping in touch with those whom you have already touched and to keep the conversation going.

We sat down with our marketing coaches and asked for their best tips to increase engagement within an eMerge newsletter. Here is what they had to say:
"Localize your newsletter with content your audience looks forward to each month. Highlight upcoming events in the area, feature the newest local restaurant and post your own review, or blog about the experience you had at the local museum. Localized content receives the highest engagement because it gives your audience something they can share." 
Sean DossMarketing Coach
"Entice readers by making it easy to read your newsletter. Break your content into bite-sized information chunks, use bold type to guide readers who are skimming to grasp the sense quickly and use photographs to attract attention." 
Aaron GutekunstCustomer Experience Team Leader
"Track which pieces of your newsletter capture the most engagement. Track the open rates, the click through rates and other behavior within the newsletter. Use this data to build your strategy for the next newsletter or email. This is the time to put the creativity aside and let your analytical side shine!" 
Chelsea ThomasReal Estate Marketing Strategist
"Throw a curve ball subject line every now and then. One of our clients used the one word subject line of "Divorced!" to announce that a clothing line for men featured in one of her locations was moving to a new location. You should have seen her open rate!" 
Chase AndersonCustomer Experience Representative
"Content doesn’t have to just be written. Use visual pieces like videos, photos, infographics, comics or any other type of content that your mind can come up with."
- Isaiah QuirozMarketing Coach

Your email newsletter is not something to be afraid of. Have fun with it! Implement these 5 tips and pay attention to what your audience engages with the most. Build off of that and you're bound for success. 

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POSTED ON 6/10/14