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3 Apps to take your Instagram marketing to the next level

Posted July 8, 2014
If you have thought "how can I use Instagram better for my business?" you are not alone. We know it can be tough to master Instagram marketing, so we've gathered free tools and apps that help you Instagram better.
Compose and save for later
As a small business owner, you're busy. We know this. Schedule and manage Instagram posts from Latergramme. The app won't post your scheduled pictures for you, but it does send you a push notification when it is time to go.
Curate with Repost
Skip the screenshot > crop > upload > photocred process with Repost. All you have to do is find the awesome photos and videos you want to repost, and boom, you're done. 
Instagram Analytics
Although most consumers have the same general behavior on social media (what makes them like, comment, share or move on to the next stage in the buying process), there is always room for fine tuning your strategy. Approach an otherwise creative platform like Instagram with a critical eye to find what makes your audience tick.
ICONOSQUARE is the app that brings it all together. We geek out with this app the most because you can see data and trends on your existing posts and then adjust your strategy based off of that data. Ask yourself things like "what time of day do I receive the most interaction?" or "what type of photo do my followers respond most to?"
The charts and graphs could have your attention for hours, but try to focus on the big picture: refine your marketing strategy. How many of your photos have hashtags? Are you geolocating every picture? What is the ratio of interaction based off of your followers vs. interaction? You can find all of these answers by exploring your ICONOSQUARE account. 
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POSTED ON 05-13-2014