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The day the world ended...for about 30 minutes. #facebookdown

Posted August 1, 2014
*graph updated at 1:11 pm on 8/1/14

It was a nice Friday at the eMerge headquarters. We had just stepped out of a sales meeting when a co-worker uttered the three words no online software company wants to hear.
Facebook is down.
You can imagine the number of witty comments that came from our staff. Here are the best ones:
Oh no!! Who's going to read my inspirational quote that's over 140 characters?
I'm sure Zuckerburg was just like 'Ah, it's Friday. Everyone go home.'

'We are working on fixing this?' Well, no [explicative] you're working on fixing this!
No one is going to retake my buzz feed quiz if I post it to Twitter....
Facebook may be down, but it's not over until Google is down...

Who's going to see my vertical video of my child's dance recital?
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POSTED ON 08-01-2014