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Why should I use Twitter for my business?

Posted September 19, 2014

It's common to hear someone new to Twitter say they don't "get Twitter" so we've outlined the benefits of using Twitter for your business. 

Prospecting and Monitoring Trends

Twitter is known as the platform with the most buzz. News spreads wider and faster on Twitter than any other news source. And with the use of hashtags on TV shows, commercials, at the grocery store, and just about any medium of communication, information can spread even faster and wider.

Hashtags are used to connect people that are talking about the same kinds of things, in real time. Have something to say about the new iPhone 6 or the new operating system? Tweet what you have to say and use the hashtags #iPhone6 or #iOS8 to join in the conversation.



But how does this apply to your business? Look for people talking about a problem your business can solve, then offer to solve it. Let's say you're a real estate professional in Tampa, Florida, and you want to find people on Twitter that are looking to buy a home. Go to the search bar, type in "move to Tampa" and you will see hundreds of people tweeting and they may not have a real estate agent yet.


Brand visibility, and community management

Taco Bell really "gets" the community engagement technique of using Twitter for their business. Why? Because they have the resources to monitor the Twitter buzz surrounding the company. Years ago, one may say the reason Taco Bell has so many followers and engagers is because their brand appeals to the largest demographic that is already using Twitter; 66% of users are between 15-24 years old. But today, the same person may say the reason is because Taco Bell is just really good at engaging right back.


Connecting with your influencers and those you want to influence

Twitter is special because it is the only social platform that celebrities, CEO's, and brands have open 2-way communication with their audience.

If you send a hand written letter to the CEO of your favorite company, how likely is it that you will get a hand written letter back? What if you sent an email? Posted to their Facebook wall? Getting a response through those mediums of communication are very unlikely. Getting a tweet back, on the other hand, is very likely.

I once noticed the founder of the largest traveling festival in the United States was visiting New Orleans, which is very close to where I live. I tweeted to ask the reason for his visit, and he tweeted back that his daughter was looking at going to college there. I tweet with some recommendations on where to eat near campus (because it's New Orleans and it's all about the cajun cooking, baby). The conversation was short lived, but I still had a conversation that would be very unlikely to happen on any other medium of communication.

You have the opportunity to connect with people you usually would not have the chance to connect with. Take advantage of that. 

Customer relations

The cool thing about Twitter, is that there are a lot of people and they are talking about everything. Some brands choose to have more than one twitter account to support two different aspects of their company. Pocket has a main account that's used to represent their brand, tweet tips on how to use Pocket, and to engage with followers. Pocket also has a second account (@PocketSupport) that is used for tweeting to users having technical difficulties and other customer inquiries. Having the two separate accounts helps the main page have a certain focus. The main account is the one that everyone "follows," bringing in 94.3K followers. Whereas the Support account is just for responding to issues and is not intended for anyone to follow (although some will).


Company news and important updates

Twitter is intended to be used in conjuction with your other online communication efforts. It may not be very easy or make sense to update your website every time you have an announcement.

Megabus tweets updates that are not available on any portion of their website. Major snowstorm? They will tweet the routes that are closed. New announcements? Yes, that may show up on their website, but they usually tweet about it before they send out any other kind of notification (website or email, and I'm pretty sure they don't do email announcements).

You can even use a twitter plugin on your website's homepage to directly display a live feed of community announcements.


If you need any more tips and advice on Twitter or anything else web marketing related, call us at eMerge to speak to one of our coaches to see how eMerge can help! 

POSTED ON 09-22-2014