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​Don’t Sell Yourself Short With A Poor Recruitment Strategy

Posted May 13, 2014

Are your recruitment efforts falling short and not giving you the results you want? It may be because you haven’t put together the right recruitment campaign yet. Any good marketing campaign needs to consist of two key elements - content and engagement - and recruiting is no different.
Here's four easy tips to help you get the most out of your email recruitment:

1. Drop
Once you have your recruitment list in order, create an initial email with a variety of content geared to appeal to a wide audience.  Think about strengths within your company that you want to capture interest in and build those into your email (ie.  Corporate press releases, technology articles, marketing articles, personal growth and finance, sales tips, etc...).  We find that the best emails have a mix of regional and national information.

2. Track
This is very important and many times overlooked....you MUST pay attention to not only who is opening and clicking within your emails, but also what they are clicking on!  This will give you insight into the interests of the person you are attempting to recruit.  Do you have a candidate who is continually clicking links to learn about your unique commission structure form your website?  This will help with with the next step - engagement.
3. Engage
Using what you know about the click-throughs of your candidates, engage them in one-on-one conversation being sure to shape your talking points around what you now know are their interests.  This will create a more immediate connection with the prospect and open the door to an insightful, relevant conversation.

4. Qualify and Follow Up or Move On
Why do you even bother with a recruitment campaign? The answer is simple - to qualify your leads. Not everyone is going to be a perfect fit for your company. Some prospects may be great but aren't ready to commit right away. Qualifying and sorting your recruitment opportunities is the object of your campaign.  Put future prospects into your once a month drip campaign so you can continue to touch base, remove those who don't qualify or aren't interested, and move forward with those that do.

“So How Do I Do This With eMerge?”
eMerge gives you the tools you need to not only create amazing looking email and social media campaigns, but also to identify and follow up with your top prospects and opportunities.
Here are a few ways that eMerge can assist with your recruitment campaign:
Subscribe to our once-a-month recruitment email campaign with great suggested content that you can add to, edit or let run without lifting a finger.

Auto-Responders that allow you to create personalized follow-up that's completely trackable.

Advanced link options that allow you to separate your hottest leads from the rest of the pack.
Detailed reporting that let's you see who's engaging, what they are engaging with and how frequently.

Be sure to keep in mind that it takes time to establish and nurture relationships, both personal and professional.  Take the time to demonstrate why a prospect should come to your company and pay attention to what attracts the prospect in your followup.  They will appreciate the time you've invested in getting to know them, making the recruitment process that more successful!
Happy recruiting!

POSTED ON 05-13-2014