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Mobile Emails for On-The-Go Life

Posted June 17, 2014
Mobile emails for on-the-go lifeMobile has quickly become one of the most, if not the most, important standards of email today. In fact, many of our clients are more concerned about the mobile version of their email than the desk top version, and rightfully so. You see, according to a recent study, 91% of emails are being opened on mobile devices, so it’s kind of a big deal. We’ve compiled some of the most frequently asked questions and responses when it comes to mobile-friendly emails.
Q: “What’s the difference between a mobile email and one on my computer?”
A: It’s a good question, and one that some are afraid to ask for fear of sounding out of touch. Basically a “mobile-friendly” email will take all the pieces of an email you see on your computer, and will rearrange and resize them so that the pieces fit on a phone screen.
Tip: When you create an email, you want to be sure to send yourself a preview to your phone just to make sure it’s mobile-friendly. In eMerge we give you with a tool that provides this view automatically for you.

 Q: “I don’t want my email format to change, it looks great as is!”
A: If the stat above about 91% of emails being opened on mobile didn’t convince you, than think about this; while an email can look fantastic on your computer, that same layout will be much, much smaller on a phone. First impressions are everything in online marketing, so why make it hard for your reader to see what you sent?
Tip: Keep the consumer in mind. You might think something looks awesome (and it probably does), your reader will not think the same thing if they see it on a phone and that tiny mobile screen is messing everything up.
Q: “So how do I make sure my email is mobile-friendly?”
A: It’s very easy to do with a program like eMerge. With the correct components you can put together a really slick email that automatically adjusts to look great on computer, tablet, and mobile screens. With eMerge you even get quick preview tools so you don’t have to keep sending test emails to yourself over and over again.
Tip: eMerge makes your job easier by providing you with the tools to create really nice emails that are mobile friendly, as well as give you the option to make them “un-friendly” if you are a die-hard.
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We do have some Best Practices you can use that are quick and easy, but will do wonders for your results.

Q: “What do you mean ‘correct components’?”
A: As with any email program, you have to use the components, or “pieces” of the email for their intended purpose. For instance, we have drag-n-drop pieces that are specifically for images (image components) and pieces that are specifically for text (rich text components). Putting images in a text area can look nice at first, but end up ‘breaking’ your email if you aren’t paying attention to what you put in there.

Image Component

Rich Text Component

Tip: Use your toolset properly. I mean, you could use a screw driver to hammer a nail into the wall, but it makes the job harder and the results probably won’t be what you were wanting. Developers spend hours making sure that components work the best they can for their intended job, so use the proper tools to get your desired look.

Q: “But if I’m mostly reaching people on their phone, when is a good time to send the email?”
A: A study by Apsis last year revealed that 54% of consumers read emails on their smartphone just before they go to bed, and 49% just after they wake up. It’s the convenience of the device.
Tip: When you are putting together your marketing plan, just think about when you want to catch you reader. You can also look at your open rates at different times to see when is the best time for your emails to reach your readers. Marketing isn’t guessing if you have numbers to back you up.
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