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How effective are your emails?

Posted April 22, 2014

Developing an effective email marketing strategy isn't rocket science.  If you aren't seeing the results you want with your current campaign, start by asking yourself a few basic questions to make sure that you are focused on the proper content for your audience:
  • Who is your audience?
    ...age, gender, interests, motivations
  • What kind of content appeals to them? 
    ...market trends, lifestyle articles, community news
  • What is the desired result you are attempting to achieve?
    ...a phone call, a visit to your website, attending at an open house
  • What is driving the best engagement?
    ...emails with video embeds, original content, special offers
If you can’t answer these questions, then it's time to dedicate some time to evaluating your email strategy and focusing your time and attention on getting some answers.    To hep spark your marketing creativity, below are some examples of brands that we think have a strong approach to their email marketing.
Keep it Simple!
Jettsetter, a vacation rental company, advertises using the least amount of words possible. Just one breath-taking image and a link to view more. Although this practice can prompt issues with spam filters, we do like the idea of keeping your email simple. Too much text or not having a focused outcome is cumbersome and confusing to your audience. Keep your email focused on your primary objective (ie.  click here to visit our website).

Give them a reason to open your email!
Victoria Secret is the queen of integrated marketing. When it gets to the point that your audience feels rewarded just for opening an email, you’re doing something right. Almost all of their emails have some kind of promotional offer; either online, in-store, or both. You don’t need a special promotion for every email you send, especially if you aren’t in retail, but creating an email newsletter that your audience is looking forward to receiving is where it's at.

Track your audience's behavior!
Quirky catches people's attention by following up with any actions that the user has taken when visiting their website.  For example - if you visit their online store and begin placing items in your shopping cart but never convert to a purchase, you will receive 'fun' emails stating "you've forgotten something!" featuring your items of interest.  Paying attention to people's interests and consistently re-engaging your audience is the key to making that conversion happen.  

Think about ways that you can translate these tips into your email marketing strategy.  For example:
  • Have an email auto-responder ready for when people click on a listing email encouraging them to attend that listing's upcoming open house. 
  • Focus on providing content that entertains and engages your audience to keep those open and click-through rates high.
  • Keep the message simple and focused on one key initiative.

And our last tip - Measure & Adjust!
Email marketing allows you to track and understand your audience in real-time.  Pay attention to what's working and what's not and adjust your strategy before the next email.

POSTED ON 04-22-2014