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Real Estate Marketing Tips: 3 of 4

Posted January 15, 2016
Ok....your third round of online marketing goals is here! (Check out Tips #1 and #2) How would you rate your efforts thus far?!  Remember, social media is...well...social!  So step up and use this month's goals to really connect with your audience. Need coaching to accomplish a goal?  No problem.  Just email support@easyemerge.com. if you're an eMerge subscriber. If not, get on it! Check out the awesome things we do for real estate professionals like you!


Offer.  Offer.  Ask.  We all get annoyed with those friends who are constantly asking for favors and never offer anything in return.  Make sure that your email newsletters (and all marketing actually!) follow the basic "offer, offer, ask" rule, meaning offer at least two helpful bits of information before you ask for that referral or call-to-action.
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Engagement matters.  Who cares if you have 5,000 'friends' on Facebook if no one is engaging with your content.  Start a conversation by asking a     question, posting something personal or challenging your online audience.  People want to feel like they matter and join relevant conversations.  Give them something to get involved in this week!
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Join a Group.  Participating in a like-minded discussion group on LinkedIn is a great way to position yourself as a thought leader in your industry.   Go ahead, search out a group that relates to your business objectives and join (or request to join if it's a closed group).  Monitor the conversation a bit and then dive into the discussion.  This is a great way to network and capture new leads.
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Sharing is caring.  Take a little time each day to follow your Twitter stream and 'favorite', 'retweet' and 'reply' to your network.  These quick, simple actions show you are engaged and care.  And when you show that you are engaged and care, people will reply in kind with favoriting, retweeting and replying to your posts!
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Post a Bulletin.  At the top of your channel is the Post Bulletin tab. You can create a bulletin and a link to a video that will appear on your subscribers’ and friends’ home pages. This is a great way to draw extra attention—and traffic—to your video by alerting your fans and followers of a new post.
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