Consumer Touch Campaign

The Consumer Touch Campaign

provides busy real estate professionals a proven, week-to-week lead nurturing program that can be customized to your needs OR set to ‘auto-pilot’.


pre-set, easy-to-implement emails personalized by you.

Happy Birthday!
Wedding Anniversary
Anniversary of Home Purchase
Anniversary of
Home Purchase
New Lead Outreach
New Lead

Content | Messaging

unlimited access to our huge resource library.
Branding & Templates
Branding & Templates
1,000’s of gorgeous, mobile-friendly email templates & branding themes that you can customize for your campaign.
Curated Content
Curated Content
Dozens of categories of articles & videos curated from around the web that you can search and share with your audience.
Agent Outreach
Email Scripts
Customizable scripts for engaging
new leads, past clients,
agent recruits & more.