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IDX Connect Campaign

is a 120-day new lead engagement campaign that automatically rolls leads into our popular Consumer Touch campaign upon conclusion, ensuring that your buyer / seller / general leads are being nurtured through their life cycle.

Here's how it works...

Customized emails based on engagement

Over the course of the next 120-days, your leads will receive engaging emails (from you) related to their search engagement with your website. You receive email / text / task notifications based on this engagement so you can interact appropriately.

Customized emails based on engagement

One email template for eMerge & IDX

The email template you create / brand in eMerge will automatically write to your IDX Broker account so that ALL emails running to your leads will be consistently branded.

#1 Consumer Outreach Campaign

At any time, you can move your new leads into the monthly Consumer Touch Campaign. Your leads will automatically roll into the Campaign after 120-days if you haven’t moved them yourself.

All the benefits & perks

And yes, you receive all of the features of the popular Consumer Touch Campaign as part of this Campaign: Content Library, Branding Library, Weekly Marketing Tips Newsletter, Monthly Consumer Email Newsletter & more.

Consumer Touch Campaign